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Andrew Harrison is a contributor to Tech Advisor.

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  • iPad Air 2 review

    Apple iPad Air 2 00 1

    Despite being discontinued, the Air 2 is still a top buy

    15 Aug 2017

  • HP 255 G4 review

    hp 255 g4 review front corner

    This AMD-powered laptop won't break any speed records, but the 255 G4 includes everything you need for basic Windows computing

    07 Jan 2016

  • Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 P20W-C-106 review

    toshiba satellite radius 12 review

    If you really need a 4K screen on a 12.5in laptop / tablet, the Radius 12 might just appeal

    23 Dec 2015

  • Asus ZenBook UX303U review

    asus zenbook ux303u review back

    With a good turn of speed and a brilliant screen, this ZenBook is great value

    16 Dec 2015

  • Dell XPS 13 9350 review

    Dell XPS 13 9343

    The Dell XPS 13 9350 stands as a shining beacon of hope in the world of Windows laptops

    15 Dec 2015

  • HP EliteBook 1020 G1 review

    hp elitebook 1020 g1 review

    It's a decent laptop, but save yourself almost £800 and go for the non-touchscreen version

    14 Dec 2015

  • Asus Transformer T100HA review

    asus transformer t100ha review angle

    The T100HA has a decent screen and good battery life, but poor performance

    10 Dec 2015

  • Dell Inspiron 15 7559 review

    dell inspiron 15 7559 review

    A 4K screen, Skylake Core i7 and a GTX 960M combine to make this a powerful laptop

    30 Nov 2015

  • HP Omen 15 review: A nicely built, stylish and speedy gaming laptop

    hp omen 15 review

    HP's Omen 15 is a gaming lifestyle machine with performance to match. We put it through its paces in our HP Omen 15 laptop review

    20 Nov 2015

  • Asus G501JW review

    asus g501jw review

    Lightweight and portable, there's plenty of power here and a great screen

    13 Nov 2015

  • Toshiba Satellite P50T-C-109 review

    satellite p50t c 109 review

    Not without its flaws, the P50T-C-109 nevertheless has some great highlights

    02 Nov 2015

  • Acer Aspire Switch 11 V SW5-173 laptop and tablet review

    acer aspire switch 11 v review front

    It has a good screen, but that's about the only highlight

    30 Oct 2015

  • Schenker XMG U506 review

    schenker xmg u506 review

    Lunacy or brilliance? Schenker takes full advantage of the 6th-generation Intel PC processors

    16 Oct 2015

  • Toshiba Satellite C55-C-175 review

    toshiba satellite c55 c 175 reviewt

    Toshiba’s budget Windows laptop has 5th-gen Intel chip but a poor screen

    13 Oct 2015

  • Asus G751JT-T7171H review

    asus g751 review front

    This hulking gaming laptop has plenty of style - and power to match

    12 Oct 2015

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